About Us

Africonomie is one of Africa's leading and most experienced Investment funds and asset management communications consultancies.

Africonomie is a specialist investment communication and intelligence company specialising in Africa investment funds and asset management industry. We curate institutional and business intelligence that help governments, asset owners (institutional and private investors), asset managers, corporates and individuals to make informed policy, investment and business decisions.

In an era of instant and dynamic multi–channel online environment, we reinforce the concept of ‘people–based’ approach supported by intelligent technology to deliver successful deal origination and execution, private placement, fundraising, market entry, launching new products or services, scaling businesses and media activation campaigns.

Working directly with policy-makers, C-Suites leadership teams and industry practitioners – we curate and pull together touchpoints to create views our clients can leverage to activate and augment their brand communication, corporate strategy and individual campaigns.

We are global citizens, with HQ in London; and offices in Lagos, Accra, Kigali, Nairobi and Johannesburg. We also have representative offices in New York, and Singapore. We also have representative offices in New York, and Singapore.


Our Assets

We commit our own capital for change, not just to work – by bridging the gap between capital, people, culture and the society.

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We help our clients build a sustainable Africa strategy. The partnership structure of our business means that we are unconflicted and fully aligned with our clients needs. Our culture of innovation and collaboration brings our people together around common interests to create value for our clients and enhancing our ability to meet our clients specific and dynamic needs.


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Our people are our biased edge when it comes to meeting the unique needs of our diverse client base across Africa’s dynamic investment and business environment. Africonomie’s Partners own the relevant group businesses in the countries where they have remit. This means that the individuals that define the underlying principles of our company power our corporate strategy.


Africonomie_Our Clients


We deploy our capital to drive change in markets we operate. Form addressing the principal blocks to capital owners with strong appetite to build investment portfolios in alternative assets. To bridging the gap between policy-makers, private investors and private markets opportunities across Africa, or simply giving back to communities where we live and work.