Pension Funds & Insurance

The most definitive difference between pension schemes and insurers revolves around their respective attitudes to risk. Whilst pension funds adopt risk-bearing strategies designed to achieve asset growth. Insurers, on the other hand, are subject to strict capital requirements. However, pension funds do replicate the insurance industry’s approach to liability-driven investment.

With this in mind, Africonomie Learning tailored a suite of learning programmes designed to build capacity and capability of pension funds and insurance professionals to make productive investments that supports the goal of providing adequate and secure liability exposure, whislt providing sources of long-term capital required for development impact.
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Investing Long–Term Capital in Infrastructure and Real Assets
Date | Time | Lagos, Lusaka, Nairobi, Gaborone

Infrastructure debt solutions can offer pension funds and insurance companies long-dated, stable, cashflow-driven returns. However, as long–term investors in Asia, Europe and the U.S continue to increase their exposure to infrastructure debt; African asset owners are struggling to effectively engage with this asset class. This immersion will leverage vetted infrastructure.

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Private Equity (& Debt) and Permanent Capital Strategies for Long-term Investors
Date | Time | Cities

Although less conventional than typical Private Equity funds, Permanent Capital Vehicles (PCV) are becoming increasingly influential in the domain of private equity. With development finance institutions and institutional investors increasingly looking at investment in longer term capital vehicles and alternative structures, managers need to ensure they get their approach to valuation right.