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Infrastructure in Pensions & Insurers Portfolio

  • Lagos State Nigeria (map)

A round table discussion to be hosted by Citi on the occasion of the 4th Africa Pensions and Sovereign Funds Investment Forum in London. The working session with African Capital Owners seeks to explore the implications of a low-yield environment on asset allocation strategies including alternatives and the specific risks embedded in infrastructure assets and ways of re-allocating those risks.  


The panel discussion will ultimately seek to answer the question – “how can energy and power projects be structured in order to be institutionally financeable?” Especially by pensions and insurance companies whose risk appetite for these projects are non-existence at the moment in Africa.





I have a high net worth person that is potentially interested in attending (would be two of them), and who also has direct relevance to the solar power plant industry in sub-Saharan Africa.  I believe I could convince them to fly in for this if their attendance was complimentary, let me know and I will be happy to extend an invitation.


Also, I am happy to contribute to your program in any way that is helpful, I have chaired multiple finance panels at renewable energy conferences involving emerging markets to discuss how to best position infrastructure and energy projects in emerging geographies to maximize their financing capabilities.


Just following up to see if you have put together thoughts regarding the infrastructure panel.  One topic I can say is definitely hot right now is renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa (especially solar)…and how those need to be structured in order to be institutionally financeable.


You should be receiving this other registration shortly as they are back from traveling and will be completing the form…they are most appreciative for the complimentary passes.



Welcome and Introduction

The Evolution of Asset Allocation in a Low Yield Environment

Illuminating Value from Infrastructure Assets

Infrastructure:  Risk Allocation

Round table Discussion