Banking & Finance Learning

The face of banking in Africa has changed. The norms of the industry have been challenged by the exponential growth of the continent’s digital economy – online payment companies, e-commerce start-ups and mobile banking. Couple with growing private wealth, more diversified economies, improved regulatory and governance frameworks. These point towards an industry that grappling to align and optimise its practices to the fast-paced dynamic business environment.

With this in mind, Africonomie Learning tailored a suite of executive learning courses for banking and finance institutions in Africa. These programmes are a conscious shift away from off-the-shelf executive education, and towards a capacity development programme that takes into account the cultural nuances and intrinsic nature of banking African regions and countries.
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Africa Credit Risk Intensive (ACRI)

Over 90 percent of bank losses in Africa can be directly linked to ineffective credit risk management framework. And the persistence rise in Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) indicates a failure to make the most of the learning and skills support programmes available to credit risk executives. As well as failure of credit risk systems to focus on bank’s risk–return strategy, and/or capture and transform relevant data into decision-making touchpoints.

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01-02 MAY 2018  |  LONDON

Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance Services & Asset Management

The future of financial services, including asset management lies with FinTech. And across Africa there is a growing realization that distributed ledger technology — popularly known as blockchain — will bring a radical shift in the way we think about financial assets and the way the financial industry will operate in the future.