Held in key financial hubs and all through the year, the Africa Infrastructure Debt Immersion (AIDI) is a collection of carefully curated closed invitation–only immersive sessions, on-stage and private interviews, webinars, rendezvous and Q&A sessions designed to capture Africa’s infrastructure debt footprint from a practitioner point of view.

The need for infrastructure in Africa is enormous. Hundreds of billions of $ must be invested if the nations of the continent’s economic growth potential is to be fulfilled and living standards raised for the majority of the population. The size of the requirements and the limited financial capacity of Africa’s state governments means that a major role must be played by the private sector if the needs are to be met.

These needs are so huge that to meet them, all actors in both public and private sectors and from both within and outside the continent, must play their relevant parts to the full in all aspects of the sector: planning, policy, regulation, development, construction, operation and finance, both equity and debt. This is not the case today, and we are working to change that.

Africa Infrastructure Debt Immersion is an ecosystem that convenes investors, fund managers, project sponsors and corporates that are committed to addressing the principal blocks to institutions with strong appetite to build infrastructure portfolios across Africa.
  • To position stewardship, product innovation and capability at the core of infrastructure investments;

  • Make the case for long-term investment approaches;
  • Address lack of in-house experience which prevents capital owners from approving allocations;
  • Create an effective model for collective engagement on available pooled investment vehicles;

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An open exchange of ideas, investment best practices, product innovation, perspectives on future opportunities and transactions.

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In–depth private and live interviews with investors, project developers and sponsors about the highs and lows of investing in infrastructure.

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Insights from co–created practitioner-led content, interview style articles, transcripts from open forums, and roundtable debates.

Be Part of It

The Immersion gives you a unique opportunity to – highlight your brand positioning, build long-term valuable relationship, engage with a senior-level audience, demonstrate thought-leadership, and educate your market place.

The Immersions are limited to around 60 select practitioners, so register now to secure you’re a attendance. Contact Peace Natachy at pugbajah@afri-conomie.com, or +44(0) 208 870 6620 for partnerships that will give you opportunity to:

  • Contribute a thought leadership piece on Infrastructure debt strategies,
  • Participating in or moderating a roundtable discussion at the forum or rendezvous,
  • Sponsor a masterclass learning session for asset owners,
  • Taking part in a debate, interview or the AIDI multichannel digital practitioner-led report.


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Maxim Corporate Finance

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Agenda | Tuesday, 02 May 2017

08.00               Welcome & Registration

09.00               Chair’s Opening Remarks

09.05               Infrastructure Debt, BREXIT, Trump's Africa & The Search For Yield

09.20               A Context For Africa: Infrastructure and Long–term Capital Disparity

      Pension funds and insurance companies rarely allocate capital to assets without stable cash flows that could be deployed for managing future liabilities. This session examines the role of infrastructure debt products in mobilizing long–term capital without jeopardizing prudential safeguards and overall fiduciary responsibility of capital owners.

10.00               Legal & Tax Implication for Institutional Debt Funds in Africa

      Africa poses significant risk to investment funds and managers seeking exposure to the superior returns the continents offers. From execution risk to governance, to political and expropriation risks. This session looks at legal and tax efficient structures for investing in debt funds. What are the transaction risks and their mitigation? As well as regulatory considerations specific to debt funds and structure should be aware of?

10.20               Networking Break

10.45                Practitioner Views on Infrastructure, Private Equity & Debt Strategies

      Private debt and equity professionals benchmark how and where infrastructure allocations fit into their asset and strategy mix? What were the 2016 highlights, focus and expectations for 2017? What changes are being considered for 2017? What strategies for creating value and risk–adjusted returns?

11.30                Sukuk: Diversifying Access to long-term Infrastructure Debt

      The Africa Finance Corporation US$150 million maiden Sukuk issue, the first by an African supranational entity, firmly puts Sukuk center stage of the debate to diversify access to long-term infrastructure debt strategies. The session will give participants insight into the workings of this remarkable median issue. As well as, examine how viable a long-term capital alternative is Sukuk?

12.00               InfraCredit: Unlocking The Potential For Infrastructure Financing In Nigeria

      InfraCredit is a collaborative initiative of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority and GuarantCo designed to provide guarantees to enhance the credit quality of local currency debt instruments issued to finance eligible infrastructure related assets in Nigeria. This session adopts a case study approach to examine and explore the role of InfraCredit in deepening the Nigerian debt capital markets.

12.30               Networking Lunch

13.30                Leveraging Long-term Debt Capital for Housing Infrastructure

      The housing infrastructure backlogs that beset African urban cities coupled with the failure of the current “affordable” housing model is creating unique investment opportunities across the real estate value chain. This session looks at emerging long-term debt strategies that can provide the much-needed low income-housing infrastructure across Africa.

14.15                 Renewable Project Bonds As A Financing Alternative For Infrastructure

      Since inception, the volume of renewable project bonds has steadily increased in recent years. Gaining traction in North America, Europe and Latin America. This session explores renewable project bonds in the Africa context, and examines challenges that need to be considered prior to approaching the Capital Markets.

15.00               Networking Break

15.20                 Sustainable Investment: A Risk Factor and Long-Term Value Driver?

      The majority of institutional investors and managers are strengthening their approach to evaluating ESG-related risks and opportunities. This session looks at how the debt managers are mainstreaming responsible investing in infrastructure debt strategies. With emphasis on practical examples of ESG integration and the results, sustainable model for value creation, impact negotiations on exit price and portfolio performance reporting.

16.10                The Open Conversation On Africa – Infrastructure Immersion

      The Open Conversation is an opportunity for you to have your say on institutional investment in Africa - or anything else to do with business, investment, government and politics on the continent. No topic is out of bounds. No idea is too aggressive — Just be prepared for them to be challenged. This session is closed to the media and held under the Chatham House Rule.

17.00               Summary & 2017 AIDI London Programme Concludes

                         Networking Reception & Private Dinner