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Africa is a rapidly growing market, risky, illiquid and relatively non-transparent. This presents companies doing business in Africa with a unique set of opportunities, challenges, and risk. In Africa, it matters what people think of you and your business. And in helping our clients, we ensure we know the most important people to their business and how to influence them.
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We have built a powerful network of asset owners, institutional investors, fund managers, and corporations with a strong appetite to build investment portfolio across the continent – The Alternatives Network (AN).

This network is shaping the ongoing conversation on what works and what doesn’t work when investing or doing business in Africa. We leverage this network to develop practitioner-led strategies and curate informed content.

Building on the established trust, relationship and industry footprint, we develop unique insight into our clients’ brands. And with this informed insight, we engage and take on work, knowing fully well that we can make a real impact.

Although Africa-focused, we are global citizens. And we leverage global perspectives and innovation to deliver communication solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.