We curate intelligence that helps institutional investors, fund managers, and businesses to make informed investment and business decisions. We achieve this by creating platforms and solutions that help them connect with relational, intellectual, financial and human capital.
Investment Prelude

The Prelude helps ambitious private growth companies to clearly define their unique selling proposition and connect with institutional and private investors.

Our deal origination includes initial sourcing of opportunities, screening and due diligence through to approval for presentation to institutional and private investors. We leverage existing relationship with market participants to identify high value opportunities that demonstrate commercial revenue generation supported by proven results.


We plan, design, brand, package and distribute high-quality private markets investment offerings along with a strategy that identifies targeted investors and fund managers. Our proprietary databases of key decision-makers, combined with our ability to optimize multiple communications channels, allows for unparalleled exposure.

Investor Relations

We draw on our local know–how and extensive network to ensure a solid investor relations strategy emerges as constant communication and transparency are key to continued investing and referred co-investing. We customize investor relations solutions with a focus on CRM driven technology to outperform the highest of investor satisfaction benchmarks.


Investment Intelligence

See the full archive of our thinking and Ideas shaping investing in alternative asset classes across Africa, and in the world.

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Investment Forums

Our event portfolio provides sovereign asset owners, institutional and private investors, fund managers, and business leaders with a unique solution platform for their relational, intellectual, financial and human capital needs. We are renowned for the most comprehensive, interactive and solution-focused events.

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Investment Reports

Practitioner–led, peer-to-peer inspired content, driven by knowledge sharing about what works and what doesn't work when investing in Africa. The reports place more emphasis on using audios, podcasts, and videos to engage institutional and private investors with a strong appetite to build alternatives portfolio in Africa.

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Investment Education

We work with clients to create and deliver tailored, online and managed learning services. Our programmes are identified by industry practitioners as necessary solutions to their business needs, and are usually a blend of classroom–based, eLearning and/or informal learning.

Investment Communication

We partner with our clients to define and execute their content strategy through progressive, data-led content and audience activation

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We work with our clients to define and execute their content strategies – planning content development, aligning messages with relevant touchpoints and audience.

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From blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts to webinars, we develop unique narratives that seamlessly feeds into compelling and engaging customer focused content.

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Social Media

We leverage social media touchpoints such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to activate your message, and amplify its impact through effective audience engagement.

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Video accounts for over 73% of all consumer internet traffic, making it a must have asset. We create cost-effective fast-turnaround video for your audience activation.